Annotating a Document

You can add notes on the documents, via the Notes tab. Notes enable users to discuss about the document and its evolution.

All users with read permission can see the notes added on a document.

You can add a new note by clicking on the button Add Note. Put your comment in the editor and confirm with Save.

Editing or deleting a note

You can edit or delete a note you have added before simply by right-clicking on it and choosing Edit or Delete.

Content Annotations

Annotations are post-its or comments placed on the content of documents. You can annotate documents as soon as you can access them, i.e. when you have at least "Read" right.

To annotate a document click on Annotations in the popup window go to the right page, select a text and click on the Add Annotation button. Type your comment.

You will see the text highlighted and the new note is added on the left. If you have many annotations just move the mouse on the highlighted text and the relative annotation will be evidenced.