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Launch a workflow on a selection of documents

If you have the Workflow permission in the current folder, you can manually start a workflow simply by selecting the items from the documents list grid and clicking on the Start workflow icon.

The system asks you to choose one of the available workflows, just confirm your selection and the workflow will be launched. The Workflow status property of the selected documents will reflect the name of the initial task.

Workflow status

At any given moment any workflow instance lies in one exact status, that is the currently executing task. When the workflow starts the status corresponds to the initial task you have declared in the template designer, than the status changes according to the transitions selected by people completing their work. The current status of the workflow is reflected into the Workflow Status property of the documents involved in the process

Configuring automatic workflow execution

Workflows can also be automatically started when documents are created into a specific folder. In the Workflow tab of the folder's properties panel, is shown the list of workflow triggers.

Each trigger is a binding between a document template and a workflow.

Each time a specific event happens inside the folder, the trigger matching the document's template will be raised and a new workflow instance will be automatically started.

Use the button Add Workflow trigger to create a new trigger in the current folder and use the button Apply to Sub-folders to replicate the same configuration to all the tree.