Configuring Google Drive API access in LogicalDOC

1. Visit the Google API console, and create a new project

To allow LogicalDOC to have access to your Google Drive account, click on the link to your API console to take you to Google; then click on the “Create project…” link.

Then fill in this form (just use whatever Project ID Google suggests – it does not matter)…

2. Activate the Drive API

Enable the Google Drive API – follow the link to enable a new API. You might need to first follow the “APIs and Auth” link under the “APIs” menu to find the right button:

Find ‘Drive API’ on the list of services:

Enable it, so that it becomes an active service:

3. Set up a product name and email address

You will also need to set up something in “APIs & auth -> Consent Screen” at this point.

Specifically, you will need to enter an application name and an email address.

4. Set up API access credentials (OAuth)

Move to the ‘APIs and auth’ tab (from the left menu), and choose the option ‘Credentials”; then click on ‘Create New Client ID':

Next, enter some details:

The "Application type" must be “Web Application”
In “Authorized redirect URI” put the URL of your LogicalDOC followed by the /gdrive/oauth2callback suffix, you can put several URLs here if you reach LogicalDOC in different ways.
No need to put anything in “Authorized JavaScript origins"

You will then be shown your client ID and secret.

5. Go back to LogicalDOC, and enter the details

Open the menu Tools → Google Drive → Authorize  and paste the client ID and secret.

Then press on Authorize and you’re done.