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Outgoing Email

In order to allow LogicalDOC to send emails you have to connect the application to your SMTP mail server. Into the Outgoing Email section you can configure the outgoing mail server parameters.

SMTP Server: IP or hostname of your mail server
Port: communication port(by default it is 25)
Username: username of the account to use
Password: the password
Connection Security: the connection security (none, TLS or SSL)
Target folder: you can optionally specify a folder that will receive a copy of all the emails sent by LogicalDOC
Foldering: the sub-folders organization of the target folder

Click Save to make persistent the changes and Test Connection to send a test email and check the connection.

Message Templates

Report Parameter

In the Message Templates tab there is the list of the templates used by LogicalDOC to compose the outgoing messages. Each template is associated to a specific language and is used for composing an exact message type(audit alert, task notification and so on). By clicking on a row you will be able to change the Subject and Body for that template. The English language shows the default templates.

You can use placeholders and conditional expressions, please read the Automation Syntax.

Adding user templates

Apart of the system templates you find by default, you can click on Add template to create new templates available for the users for composing emails inside LogicalDOC.