The Automation is a pervasive aspect of the LogicalDOC platform and represents the way you have to program things using a simple scripting language.


In order to write a correct automation script you need minimum programming capabilities. Please look at the Automation Manual to familiarize with the syntax. You may also look at the Automation Snippets.

Automation Routines

In this section you define reusable automation routines. These routines may be referenced and triggered when specific events happens in the platform.

Automation Triggers

An Automation Trigger allows you to specify when a routine must be automatically executed.


You may define event-driven triggers that react to events happening in the system and time-driven triggers that are fired at given points in time.

For event-driven triggers you just select the events you want to catch and optionally a folder to restrict the scope.

For time-driven triggers you can define an exact time or use a cron expression to execute them regularly. Please look at the tutorial to discover the syntax of cron expressions

In any case a trigger may define the Automation script directly or may reference one of the available routines.

Security Implications

The automation script bypasses all the security policies during it's execution, so make sure which users can write automation scripts or execute automation routines.