In general you configure LogicalDOC by accessing dedicated configuration sections inside the administration. However there is a set of fine tuning parameters collected in a single form located in the section Administration -> Settings -> Parameters

Please note that these are really low-level settings so be carefull if you intend to change them.

Here is a brief description of the parameters you can modify:

audit.batch: Max. number of new events processed at each run by the Audit scheduled task to alert the users

digest.batch: Max. number of documents processed at each run by the Digest Processor scheduled task

document.maxversions: Max. number of versions maintained by the system for each document

document.startversion: Initial version assigned to the document at creation time

download.gzip: Use GZIP compression when serving files

calendar.event.ttl: The time to live(expressed in days) of the expired calendar events

history.document.ttl: Time to live(expressed in days) of the recorded events for the documents

history.folder.ttl: Time to live(expressed in days) of the recorded events for the folders

history.user.ttl: Time to live(expressed in days) of the recorded events for the users

history.workflow.ttl: Time to live(expressed in days) of the recorded events for the workflows

history.enabled: Enables the events recording

load.cpumax: When the average CPU's load reaches this value, the running tasks will be suspended

load.cpusamples: Number of CPU's samples taken in the last 2 minutes used to compute the average load

lock.ttl: Time to live(expressed in seconds) of a not renewed lock

lock.wait: Number of seconds to wait for getting a lock

notifier.maxtrials: Max. number of trials to send out a notification by email

office.convert.enabled: If true and LogicalDOC is installed on a Windows server, Office suite will be used to do PDF conversions instead of OpenOffice

openoffice.port: Ports used by the LibreOffice daemona when launched

openoffice.tasks: Number of conversions after which a daemon is restarted

parser.timeout: Timeout(expressed in seconds) for extracting the texts from the document during the indexing

server.url: Base URL used when generating the links inside notification messages

share.batch: Max. number of documents imported at each run of the Folders Import scheduled task

tagcloud.maxtags: Max. number of tags to process to generate the tag cloud

ticked.ttl: Time to live(expressed in hours) of a download ticket