LogicalDOC supports the Clustering to maximize the performances distributing the CPU and RAM loads among a set of nodes called a cluster. The most part of the stress in a large installation is due to the operations of parsing, indexing and search. For this reason each LogicalDOC node will handle it's own full-tex index and a federeated search will span over all the nodes.

Cluster Layout

In order to setup a LogicalDOC Cluster you will need at least two distinct instaces of LogicalDOC running in the same network on different nodes. You may also want to use an hardware load balancer on the top of the cluster in order to evenly distribute requests.

  • Database: the database is shared among all nodes. It could be a clustered database.
  • Filesystem: we will use a shared filesystem common to all nodes. We can use the multiple volumes and/or dedicated NAS.
  • Application Server: each node is a single LogicalDOC instance with its own full-text engine