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VIA (Virtual Agent)

VIA is a virtual agent capable of responding to questions in natural language regarding the documents retrieval. In practice you can write an email like 'Hi LogicalDOC, can you find the contract of LiquidPaper Ltd ?"  and get responded with the contracts that involve LiquidPaper. By the way VIA supports the english language only.

The virtual agent monitors an email  looking for incoming messages to answer so configure the Monitored Email Account section.

The settings Max. number of attachments and Max. size of an attachment are used to restrict the size of the response messages.


When you send a message to VIA, it tries to identify you as a LogicalDOC user checking if the sender matches the your profile's email. You will be answered only if the identification was succesful and inany case the answer will take into account the security policies.


The crawling of the incoming messages is done by the task called VIA Email Crawler you can manage in Administration > System > Scheduled Tasks