Install the Application on Ubuntu

Get from the download website the setup file: installer-linux-<ver>.zip

To install LogicalDOC unpack the zip archive, open a terminal window and execute the command from command line:

$ java -jar logicaldoc-installer.jar

If the system does not have a graphical interface, it is possible to launch the installation from the command console

$ java -jar logicaldoc-installer.jar -console

When the installer asks for database, please put your connection parameters as specified earlier during database preparation, don't use the embedded database for production.


To start LogicalDOC at server bootstrap you need to copy the startup script into your system initialization directory so execute the command:

$ sudo cp /LogicalDOC/bin/logicaldoc-all /etc/init.d
$ sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/logicaldoc-all

Then edit the file /etc/init.d/logicaldoc-all adjusting the paths.
Save the file and execute the commands:

$ sudo update-rc.d logicaldoc-all defaults
$ sudo service logicaldoc-all start

Now you can access the program using the browser, pointing it to http://localhost:8080/. Use the account admin with password admin to enter the first time.

Check the paths of external tools

After the installation it is better to check that all needed external apps are correctly configured.

Enter the the administration: Administration > Settings > Client & External Apps

Here put the following paths:

  • Convert: /usr/bin/convert
  • Ghostscript: /usr/bin/gs
  • Tesseract: /usr/local/bin/tesseract
  • Pdftohtml: /usr/bin/pdftohtml
  • Openssl: /usr/bin/openssl

NOTE: paths may be different in your system

Enter the the administration: Administration > Settings > Antivirus

Here put the following paths:

  • ClamAV: /usr/bin/clamscan

NOTE: paths may be different in your system

Configure the format converters

You may want to address at this time the configuration of the format converters you want to use to render the previews, and in particular the converter that uses Libre Office, please read the Format Converters Guide.