Install on QNAP

QNAP is a global producer of powerful yet affordable Network-Attached Storages (NAS). LogicalDOC is the perfect companion for your QNAP device. Find more information about QNAP here:


Before installing LogicalDOC inside your device, you should be aware of hardware requirements and limitations. Click here to read more.

Software requirements

SQL Database

LogicalDOC requires an SQL database and you can use the internal QNAP database.

Start the Control Panel and enable the SQL Database. Please enable also the TCP/IP networking and leave the port 3306

SQL Database

More details on how to activate the database in your QNAP -


LogicalDOC requires the presence of the Entware-ng package. Entware-ng can be installed using the standard QNAP QPKG system. Download the .qpkg package from here:

Start the App Center in the QNAP admin interface. Press the button labeled Install Manually (currently near the top-right corner of the window) and follow the instructions to install the package.

More details on installation of Entware-ng -

Configure QNAP to allow unsigned packages

By default QNAP does not allow the installation of packages that are not digitally signed. Because of LogicalDOC is a third party package not directly available in QNAP app center, you need to allow the installation of the application without a valid digital signature. This can be done directly from the app center settings.

Allow unsigned packages

Install the LogicalDOC package

Get the LogicalDOC .qpkg package from the download website.

Then start the App Center in the QNAP admin interface. Press the button labeled Install Manually (currently near the top-right corner of the window) and follow the instructions to install the package.

Setup LogicalDOC

In the App Center, click on the Open button below the LogicalDOC's icon.

A new tab will be opened in the browser, here you may have to wait a couple of minutes before seeing the LogicalDOC login screen so we suggest to refresh the page several times.

When you see the login screen, click on the message you see below that invites you to setup the system.

This will lead you to the setup wizard(if credentials are asked, use admin for both username and password), please fill the form with your registration details and click Next.

In the Repository field leave all unchanged and click Next.

In the Database form choose External and select MySQL / MariaDB.

Fill the connection parameters:

  • Driver class: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver
  • Connection URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/logicaldoc?serverTimezone=UTC
  • Username: root
  • Password: your MariaDB database password (by default it is admin)

Click Setup, then wait for the confirmation message(this may take some minutes).

If you intend to connect LogicalDOC to another database outside your QNAP device, fill all the other fields accordingly.

Restart the Application

Now that LogicalDOC is installed and configured, it is required to restart it a couple of times. In the App Center, open lthe LogicalDOC's menu and choose Stop. Wait until the icon becomes gray.

Now click the Start button and then, when available click on Open. You may have to wait a couple of minutes and when you see the login screen go back to the App Center and repeat the start / stop procedure.

At the end you should be able to see the final login screen of LogicalDOC.

Activate your License

You can obtain your trial license here:

After the registration you will receive your activation code(the UserNo) to your email.

Once you receive your licence code, please follow the Activation Instrutions to activate your LogicalDOC

Now you can enter LogicalDOC using username admin and password admin