The application can be installed using the proper installer program downloadable from:
Please, download the installer package available for your Operating System.

Verify the presence of Java JDK (Java Development Kit)

The Java JDK version 17 is a technological component required to execute both LogicalDOC installer and application, so you have to provide it before starting the installation procedure. You can check the presence of Java in your system by executing this command from a console:

$ java -version

If you don't have Java installed in your system please download it from

In any case visit for more information.

Notice for use of OpenJDK

If you opt for using OpenJDK instead of the official Oracle JDK, please download the installer here:

Choose the release 17 (LTS).

Always download the LTS release

All the releases that are not declared LTS(Long Term Support) are only recommended for testing and not are considered stable for production

There is no support for non LTS releases.

Start the Installation

Once you have Java installed you are ready to start the installation of LogicalDOC in your server, please open the section of this guide dedicated to your Operative System.