Format Converters

A format converter is a component able to transform a file of a given format into another different format.

In the Associations section you can choose what converter to use for an exact combination of formats. The drop down list only shows the converters currently registerred for that specific combination. Once you have completed your changes click on Save to confirm.

Instead of working in the big table of the format combinations you can otherwise work by converter clicking in the gear icon in the section's title.

Here you can choose a converter then select what combinations you want to assign to that converter. To save the changes click Apply and then Save in the main toolbar.

converter associations extension filter Another available option allows you to quickly control the converters associated with a specific type of file. Using the Extension Filter, we can display all the available converters and possibly work to modify them.


Configure the Format Converters

The section Converters shows the list of all the installed converters and some of them may require some configuration parameters. To configure a converter just expand it's row and open the configuration table. To change a specific parameter just double click in the value cell, apply your modifications and confirm by pressing Enter. At the end you can save all the configurations by pressing the Save button in the toolbar.



In the same LogicalDOC installation you may configure different converters

Converter Description Configuration
LibreOfficeConverter Uses the Libre Office application installed in the server machine

path: absolute installation path of the Libre Office in the server

runAsDaemon: if you want the LibreOffice to be used as daemon(always resident)

ports: comma separated list of ports used to launch Libre Office as daemon. The number of ports specifies the number of active conversion daemons

tasks: number of conversion tasks after which the daemon is restarted

ZamZarConverter Uses a remote conversion service ZamZar

apiKey: the key given by ZamZar when you purchase their service

DocToAnyConverter Uses the application doc2any.exe

path: absolute path of the doc2any.exe executable

licenseKey: the code given by Doc2Any when you purchase their license

useOffice: put true if you want Doc2Any to try to use the Office installed in the server

usePrinter: put true if you want Doc2Any to try to use it's virtual printer

runViaService: put true if you want Doc2Any to execute as a service

AcmeCadConverter Uses the application AcmeCADConverter.exe to convert DWG into PDF

path: absolute path of the AcmeCADConverter.exe executable

licenseKey: the code given by AcmeCADConverter when you purchase their license

HtmlConverter Converts a HTML documents into PDF

serverLocalUrl: base url to be used to rewrite the references to LogicalDOC resources (eg: http://localhost:8080)

CoolUtilsConverter Uses the Cool Utils applications installed in the server machine

imageConverter: absolute path of the ImageConverter32.exe executable


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