Custom ID and Naming

In this section you can configure rules to automate the custom identification, the naming and the auto foldering of your documents at creation and/or check-in time.

Each rule is associated to a specific document's template, while the special default template is used as a fallback for all the documents. The rule is always applied when the document is created but if you check the Evaluate at checkin or Evaluate at update you force the system to execute the rule again when the the check-in or update operation is performed. The rule's scheme is composed by tokens that will be expanded at runtime when the document is stored in the system. You can use the tokens to reference the document's metadata and a set of numeric sequences.

Custom ID

The Custom ID is an alternate identifier that is controlled to be unique, each document can have a Custom ID.

Auto Naming

Here you define how the uploaded documents will be renamed. The rule must determine the name of the document.

Auto Folding

Independently from the folder where the document is originally uploaded, you might want to automatically move it to the right folder accordingly to your own logic. In this case the rule must return a path that will be used as the final destination of the document, if this doesn't exist it will automatically created. If the path starts with a / character, it will interpreted as an absolute path otherwise it will be considered as relative inside the original upload folder.


When you split a document, each segment is saved as a new file and here you may define how to name it, in the scheme you may use a combination of tokens and automation. If no scheme is specified, it will be used the default <title>-$segment.<extension> that will generate segments likeĀ  document-1.pdf, document-2.pdf ...


In this panel you can see the list of the sequences currently active into the system.