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Here you can specify some general settings to handle the tags in your system.

Input Mode: Free form or Preset

Max. size: Maximum characters number for a single tag

Min. size: Minimum characters number for a single tag

Elements in tag selection: Maximum number of options in the tag selection lists

Tag cloud elements: Maximum number of tags displayed in the tag cloud

Vocabilary:  The set of symbols to show in the search widgets

Used Tags

This panel is useful to perform maintenance among the tags used in your system, most of the times you wish to armonize or correct some tags not properly assigned by the users.

You can search the tags by simply selecting a symbol and then you can right click on a specific tag to take the proper action like Rename or Delete.

Tags Preset

You can choose between Free or Preset input modes. The Free input mode will allows the users to apply their own tags, while the Preset option will impose to all the users to choose between a preset of possible tags. The list of preset options controls the available tags.