Positional Barcode Templates

A positional barcode template is composed by an ordered list of patterns, each pattern indicates how to process the barcode. The barcodes are processed sequentially by reading the page from left to right and from top to bottom. The first pattern will be used to process the first barcode, the second pattern will be used to process the second barcode and so on.

Add a Pattern

To add a pattern, click on the Append Pattern button and you will see another row in the grid below. Now double click in the Patterns cell to start the editing mode.

The pattern is composed by one or more tokens, each one refers to a specific metadata that will receive the barcode's content.

You close the editing more by pressing the Enter key and then you make persistent the changes by clicking the Save button.

Conditional processing

For each pattern you can optionally define inclusion/exclusion expressions and format declarations to process or skip a specific barcode.

In Include and Exclude you can write a regular expression, while in the Formats you specify a set of possible barcode formats.

When a barcode is detected it is processed only if:

  1. the format is one of the specified ones and
  2. the value does not match the exclusion expression and
  3. the value matches the inclusion expression

In order to write correct regular expressions for Include and Exclude, please familiarize with the regular expression syntax.