Manual Activation

This manual activation procedure can be used when the LogcicalDOC's server cannot contact the remote license manager due to firewall policies or lack of Internet connection.

From a PC with Internet connection, point your browser to this URL:

In the web form put your Activation Code / User Number and click on Activate. Now you should see a new webpage that confirms the activation.

Here you find a link to your license file, please click it and download your license.lic file. The next step is to load this license file in LogicalDOC.

Open the license page of your LogicalDOC application at the following URL: http://your_server_ip:your_server_port/license where your_server_ip is the address of the machine where LogicalDOC is installed in and the your_server_port is the working port as defined during the installation(by default it is the 8080).

License page protection

In order to protect your privacy the license page is protected by security checks. To be able to enter this page you will be required to put credentials, so use admin as username and for the password use the setup password you typed during the installation.

If you forgot your setup password, please open the text file tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml and use the password associated to the user admin.

Here click on Upload License and upload your license.lic file.