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Hardware Bound License

A Hardware Bound License is tied to the hardware of the server where you installed LogicalDOC in.

Licenses of this type are associated with a specific device upon activation and do not work on other computers.

In case you change your hardware, or you plan to replace your server, you have to unbind the license and activate it again on the new machine.

To check if you are using a license bound to a specific hardware, open the license page and check if the System ID parameter is not empty.

Bound License

License Unbind

The License Unbind is the procedure to detach the license from the current hardware so it can be activated in another computer.

From the license page, click the button Unbind and wait for the completion of the procedure. At the end, your license has been unbound, and you can activate it again on another device.

License invalidated after Unbind

After the unbind, the license gets invalid in the current computer and LogicalDOC will stop to work. Of course, you can activate the same license code again in the same computer in the respect of the maximum activations number you are granted.