Manual Update Procedure

Use this procedure in case LogicalDOC cannot download the update packages from the Internet.


Backup your System

  • Read instructions on how to backup and restore
  • Be sure to be able to roll back to the previous version in case you have problems
  • Remember that we are not liable for loss of data if you don't have a valid backup
  • Launch the backup


Download the update package

  • Stop LogicalDOC application but leave the database management system up and running
  • Stop the LogicalDOC Update service
  • Go to and download the proper update package that applies to your actual version
  • Read the files README.txt and INSTALL.txt contained in the archive, this will give you important informations about the upgrade
  • Place the update package archive in the updates/ folder
  • Do not unpack it, just place the compressed archive into the updates/ folder


Run the update

  • Open a console with administrative privileges (as Administrator)
  • Run the update command you find in the bin/ directory
  • Make sure that LogicalDOC is started again by the update, and if not, start it


Confirm the update

  • Clear the browser's cache(read instructions on how to clear the cache)
  • Enter the system as admin user
  • Go to Administration and here click on Confirm Update