Recommended Patch Process

This procedure requires LogicalDOC to be able to access Internet, if you are running an old version of the software or if LogicalDOC cannot access the Internet, please follow the manual patch guide.


List the available patches

  • Enter LogicalDOC as admin and go to Administration > General > Updates and Patches > Patches here you see the list of all the available patches. A flag indicates if a patch was already installed in your system


Download the patch file

  • Right click on the patch you want to install and select Install
  • A panel shows some informations about the patch, please click on Download


Run the patch

  • Once the patch file is downloaded, the system shows important notes you have to know before patching. Please execute the activities described in the pre-patch section and then click on Confirm Patch

Update Package Downloaded
Now the patch is utomatically executed by an external program and during this process LogicalDOC may become unavailable(the time depends on several factors but expect at least a couple of minutes).


Clear the browser's cache