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Package Summary
Core plug-in that contains the most important domain objects
Automation subsystem that allows you to program your own logic inside the platform.
The automation engine can be accessed through the class Automation

Please note the special annotation AutomationDictionary that is used to automatically put in the Dictionary whatever bean you need.
Classes that model emails and messages and the machinery to work with them.
Machinery for converting documents to different formats.
Contains the definitions of Document and Version as well as other related objects
Machinery for building thumbnails of the first page of the documents.
Contains the definitions of Folder as well as other related objects
Contains the definitions of Generic that is a persistent object used as a general way to store informations in the database
Utility classes to manipulate images
API to define jobs you can schedule to run at a given date or on a given cron expression
Package that collects the template and attribute sets definitions.
Many objects of the LogicalDOC platform are extensible and can store your custom metadata, they are all those that extends the ExtensibleObject.
Package that contains classes used to initialize extensible objects metadata, ExtensibleObject.
Package that contains classes used to validate extensible objects metadata, ExtensibleObject.
Machinery for parsing different file formats.
The core of the search engine.
Classes related to saved searches
Container of the security-related interfaces and classes
The pluggable authentication mechanism.
Package for the Menu, a menu represent a graphical element of the user interface
Definition of the User object and ancillary objects
The store sub-system responsible for persisting the binaries of the documents.
API to define the basics for the scheduled tasks that are long-running operations you can schedule in several ways
Some utility objects for threads and executions
Library that contains classes used among the whole application for simple and recurrent tasks.
Utility classes to work with charsets
Utility classes to handle configuration files (webapp descriptor, loggers, context properties ...)
Utility classes to crypt/decrypt contents
Utility classes to read and write CSV files
Database initialization utility
Utility classes to handle I/O operations and compression/uncompression tasks
Utility classes to handle HTML contents
Utility classes for HTML handling
Utility classes to execute external commands
Base classes to build the LogicalDOC's plugin system
Utility classes to manage certificates and general security-related tasks
Utility classes for SQL
Utility classes time calculations
Filter and other resources to avoid Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
GWT services implementations.