Class ExtensibleObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtensibleObject

        public ExtensibleObject()
    • Method Detail

      • getTemplateId

        public Long getTemplateId()
      • setTemplateId

        public void setTemplateId​(Long templateId)
      • getTemplateName

        public String getTemplateName()
      • setTemplateName

        public void setTemplateName​(String templateName)
      • getTemplate

        public Template getTemplate()
      • setTemplate

        public void setTemplate​(Template template)
      • getAttributeNames

        public List<String> getAttributeNames()
      • getAttributeNames

        public List<String> getAttributeNames​(long setId)
      • removeAttribute

        public void removeAttribute​(String name)
      • getAttributeAtPosition

        public Attribute getAttributeAtPosition​(int position)
      • setAttribute

        public void setAttribute​(String name,
                                 Attribute attribute)
        Puts a new attribute, if the attribute already exists his position and label are left untouched
        name - name of the attribute
        attribute - the attribute instance