Container of the security objects like User and Group
  • Class
    A remote client connected to LogicalDOC
    Represents a device with wich a user connects to the platform
    A class to concentrate the Geolocation operations and at the same time a factory to create beans that carry the geolocation of an IP address.
    This class represents groups.
    Utility methods to prevent brute force attacks
    This class represents the key concept of security.
    This class represents security permissions for a group in relation to a menu
    This class represent an old password of a user
    Models a permission, that is the ability to do something
    READ: ability to read the folder and its documents WRITE: ability to insert and delete folder's documents ADD: ability to add child elements SECURITY: ability to change security rules IMMUTABILE: ability to mark a document as immutable DELETE: ability to delete the entity RENAME: ability to rename the entity IMPORT: ability to import documents EXPORT: ability to export documents SIGN: ability to digitally sign documents ARCHIVE: ability to archive documents WORKFLOW: ability to handle workflow CALENDAR: ability to handle calendar events SUBSCRIPTION: ability to handle events subscription PRINT: ability to print PASSWORD: ability to put a password in a document MOVE: ability to move documents EMAIL: ability to send emails AUTOMATION: ability to handle the automation STORAGE: ability to handle the storage READINGREQ: ability to send reading requests
    Manager for security objects like users and groups
    Basic implementation of SecurityManager
    A single user session with it's unique identifier and the reference to the user
    Events about sessions
    Repository of all current user sessions.
    This class represents a Tenant, that is a branch of the organization or an organizational unit or whatever other class of organization.
    This class represents a user.
    Possible events in the user's history
    Simple bean to map a relationship between a user and it's groups
    History entry due to an event on a user.
    This interface defines hooks called before and after a particular event occurs on the specified user.
    A manager for user listeners.
    Represents a time interval in the working time of the user