Container of the security-related interfaces and classes
  • Class
    Represents all the permissions granted to a group against a business object
    Some utility methods for the access control
    A remote client connected to LogicalDOC
    Represents a device with wich a user connects to the platform
    A DAO to handle the devices
    A class to concentrate the Geolocation operations and at the same time a factory to create beans that carry the geolocation of an IP address.
    Utility methods to prevent brute force attacks
    Models a permission, that is the ability to do something
    READ: permission to read WRITE: permission to modify ADD: permission to add child elements SECURITY: permission to change security rules IMMUTABILE: permission to mark a document as immutable DELETE: permission to delete RENAME: permission to rename IMPORT: permission to import EXPORT: permission to export DOWNLOAD: permission to download SIGN: permission to digitally sign ARCHIVE: permission to archive WORKFLOW: permission to handle workflow CALENDAR: permission to handle calendar events SUBSCRIPTION: permission to handle events subscription PRINT: permission to print PASSWORD: permission to put a password MOVE: permission to move EMAIL: permission to send emails AUTOMATION: permission to handle the automation STORAGE: permission to handle the storage READINGREQ: permission to send reading requests PREVIEW: permission to preview a document
    An object that implements this interface, supports an Access Control List to define security policies.
    A extensible object that also defines security policies
    A persistent object that also defines security policies
    A single user session with it's unique identifier and the reference to the user
    DAO for UserSession handling.
    Events about sessions
    Repository of all current user sessions.
    This class represents a Tenant, that is a branch of the organization or an organizational unit or whatever other class of organization.