Package com.logicaldoc.core.folder

package com.logicaldoc.core.folder
Contains the definitions of Folder as well as other related objects
  • Class
    This class represents the key concept of security of documents.
    Instances of this class is a DAO-service for folder objects.
    Possible events in the folder's history
    History entry due to an event on a folder.
    DAO for FolderHistory handling.
    This listener takes care of initializing the metadata of a folder.
    This interface defines hooks called before and after a particular event occurs on the specified folder.
    A manager for folder listeners.
    This listener takes care of logically validate a folder.
    Hibernate implementation of FolderDAO
    Hibernate implementation of FolderHistoryDAO
    This task calculate the path attributes of the folders(only those folders without path will be processed.