Class Attribute

    • Constructor Detail

      • Attribute

        public Attribute()
      • Attribute

        public Attribute​(Attribute source)
    • Method Detail

      • getStringValue

        public String getStringValue()
      • setStringValue

        public void setStringValue​(String stringValue)
      • getIntValue

        public Long getIntValue()
      • setIntValue

        public void setIntValue​(Long intValue)
      • getDoubleValue

        public Double getDoubleValue()
      • setDoubleValue

        public void setDoubleValue​(Double doubleValue)
      • getDateValue

        public Date getDateValue()
      • setDateValue

        public void setDateValue​(Date dateValue)
      • getBooleanValue

        public Boolean getBooleanValue()
      • setBooleanValue

        public void setBooleanValue​(Boolean booleanValue)
      • getType

        public int getType()
      • setType

        public void setType​(int type)
      • getValue

        public Object getValue()
        Gets the attribute value. It can be as String, Long, Double or Date.
        The attribute value as Object.
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(Object value)
        Sets the attribute value. It can be as String, Long, Double or Date.
        value - The attribute value.
      • getMandatory

        public int getMandatory()
        Whether an attribute value is mandatory or not.
        If 0, the attribute value is not mandatory; if 1, the attribute value is mandatory.
      • setMandatory

        public void setMandatory​(int mandatory)
      • getPosition

        public int getPosition()
        This is the position of the attribute into the attributes list
        the attribute's position
      • setPosition

        public void setPosition​(int position)
      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
      • setLabel

        public void setLabel​(String label)
      • getEditor

        public int getEditor()
      • setEditor

        public void setEditor​(int editor)
      • getHidden

        public int getHidden()
      • setHidden

        public void setHidden​(int hidden)
      • getSetId

        public Long getSetId()
      • setSetId

        public void setSetId​(Long setId)
      • getMultiple

        public int getMultiple()
      • setMultiple

        public void setMultiple​(int multiple)
      • getParent

        public String getParent()
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(String parent)
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getStringValues

        public String getStringValues()
      • setStringValues

        public void setStringValues​(String stringValues)
      • getValidation

        public String getValidation()
      • setValidation

        public void setValidation​(String validation)
      • getInitialization

        public String getInitialization()
      • setInitialization

        public void setInitialization​(String initialization)
      • getDependsOn

        public String getDependsOn()
      • setDependsOn

        public void setDependsOn​(String dependsOn)