Class AbstractDocument

All Implemented Interfaces:
Securable, TransactionalObject, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
Document, Version

public abstract class AbstractDocument extends SecurableExtensibleObject implements TransactionalObject
The Document is the central entity of LogicalDOC. A Document is a persistent business object and represents metadata over a single file stored into the DMS.

Each document has one or more Versions. The most recent version is the one used as default when we refer to a Document, but all previous versions are accessible from the history even if the are not indexed.

Each Version carries out two main informations, the version code itself that is called simply 'version', and the file version, called 'fileVersion'. The first identified the Version itself while the second refers to the file content. In general not all updates to a document involves the upload of a new file. A Document is written in a single language, this language defines the full-text index in which the document's content will be stored.

Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
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  • Field Details


      public static final int DOC_UNLOCKED
      Document's status unlocked: 0
      See Also:

      public static final int DOC_CHECKED_OUT
      Document's status checked out: 1
      See Also:

      public static final int DOC_LOCKED
      Document's status locked: 2
      See Also:

      public static final int DOC_ARCHIVED
      Document's status archived: 3
      See Also:

      public static final int EXPORT_UNLOCKED
      Document's export status unlocked: 0
      See Also:

      public static final int EXPORT_LOCKED
      Document's export status unlocked: 0
      See Also:

      public static final int INDEX_TO_INDEX
      Document's indexed status to index: 0
      See Also:

      public static final int INDEX_INDEXED
      Document's indexed status indexed: 1
      See Also:

      public static final int INDEX_SKIP
      Document's indexed status skip: 2
      See Also:

      public static final int INDEX_TO_INDEX_METADATA
      Document's indexed status index just metadata: 3
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      public static final int NATURE_DOC
      Document's nature regular document: 0
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  • Method Details

    • getStatus

      public int getStatus()
      The document status
      the document's status
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    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(int status)
    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
      The working version (the most recent version)
      the version
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(String version)
      Iterates over the versions searching for the specified id
      version - The version id
    • getDate

      public Date getDate()
      The document's last publication date. This date is altered by checkin operations.
      the publication date
    • setDate

      public void setDate(Date date)
    • getPublisherId

      public long getPublisherId()
      The user id of the user that published this document
      identifier of the user that published the file
    • setPublisherId

      public void setPublisherId(long publisherId)
    • isModified

      public boolean isModified()
    • setModified

      public void setModified(boolean modified)
    • getDeleteUserId

      public Long getDeleteUserId()
    • setDeleteUserId

      public void setDeleteUserId(Long deleteUserId)
    • getPublisher

      public String getPublisher()
      The username that published this document
      the username that published the document
    • setPublisher

      public void setPublisher(String publisher)
    • getType

      public String getType()
      The document type, that is the file extension
      the right part of the file name
    • setType

      public void setType(String type)
    • getLockUserId

      public Long getLockUserId()
      The id of the user that locked this document and that currently locks it
      identifier of the user that owns the lock
    • setLockUserId

      public void setLockUserId(Long lockUserId)
    • getLanguage

      public String getLanguage()
      The document's language. This attribute is very important because of it is used to select the right full-text index.
      the language
    • setLanguage

      public void setLanguage(String language)
      language - the language
      See Also:
    • getTags

      public Set<Tag> getTags()
      The set of tags for this document.
      the set of tags
    • setTags

      public void setTags(Set<Tag> tags)
    • setTagsFromWords

      public void setTagsFromWords(Set<String> tgs)
    • getTagsAsWords

      public Set<String> getTagsAsWords()
    • getIndexed

      public int getIndexed()
    • setIndexed

      public void setIndexed(int indexed)
    • getTagsString

      public String getTagsString()
    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
      Computes the title that is the file name without the extension
      the left part of the file name
    • getFileName

      public String getFileName()
      The original file name
      the file name
    • setFileName

      public void setFileName(String fileName)
    • getIcon

      public String getIcon()
      The icon for this document, it may be kept from file name extension
      name of the icon file
    • getFileSize

      public long getFileSize()
      The document's file size expressed in bytes
      the file size in bytes
    • setFileSize

      public void setFileSize(long fileSize)
    • getFolder

      public Folder getFolder()
      Retrieve the folder owning this document
      the parent folder
    • setFolder

      public void setFolder(Folder folder)
    • addTag

      public void addTag(String word)
    • clearTags

      public void clearTags()
    • getFileExtension

      public String getFileExtension()
    • getCustomId

      public String getCustomId()
      Each document can be identified with a custom identifier
      the unique custom identifier
    • setCustomId

      public void setCustomId(String customId)
    • getImmutable

      public int getImmutable()
      Defines if the document is immutable
      1 = immutable, 0 = regular
    • setImmutable

      public void setImmutable(int immutable)
    • getDigest

      public String getDigest()
      The document's digest
      the digest
    • setDigest

      public void setDigest(String digest)
    • getSigned

      public int getSigned()
      Return 1 if the document was signed
      1 = signed, 0 = not signed
    • setSigned

      public void setSigned(int signed)
    • getFileVersion

      public String getFileVersion()
      The working file version. Sometimes the version of the document may differ from the file versions. In fact if a new version differs from metadata only, we it have to reference the old file.
      the file version
    • setFileVersion

      public void setFileVersion(String fileVersion)
    • getCreatorId

      public long getCreatorId()
    • setCreatorId

      public void setCreatorId(long creatorId)
    • getCreator

      public String getCreator()
    • setCreator

      public void setCreator(String creator)
    • getLocale

      public Locale getLocale()
    • setLocale

      public void setLocale(Locale locale)
    • getExportStatus

      public int getExportStatus()
      The document export status
      the export satus
      See Also:
    • setExportStatus

      public void setExportStatus(int exportStatus)
    • getExportVersion

      public String getExportVersion()
      The last exported version
      the last exported version
    • setExportVersion

      public void setExportVersion(String exportVersion)
    • getExportName

      public String getExportName()
      The last archive name in which the document was exported
      name of the export archive
    • setExportName

      public void setExportName(String exportName)
    • getExportId

      public Long getExportId()
      The last archive in which the document was exported
      identifier of the export archive
    • setExportId

      public void setExportId(Long exportId)
    • getDocRef

      public Long getDocRef()
      If the document is an alias, it is the id of the referenced document
      identifier of the referenced document
    • setDocRef

      public void setDocRef(Long docRef)
    • isToIndex

      public boolean isToIndex()
    • getBarcoded

      public int getBarcoded()
    • setBarcoded

      public void setBarcoded(int barcoded)
    • getRating

      public Integer getRating()
    • setRating

      public void setRating(Integer rating)
    • getComment

      public String getComment()
    • setComment

      public void setComment(String comment)
    • getWorkflowStatus

      public String getWorkflowStatus()
    • setWorkflowStatus

      public void setWorkflowStatus(String workflowStatus)
    • getWorkflowStatusDisplay

      public String getWorkflowStatusDisplay()
    • setWorkflowStatusDisplay

      public void setWorkflowStatusDisplay(String workflowStatusDisplay)
    • getPublished

      public int getPublished()
    • setPublished

      public void setPublished(int published)
    • getStartPublishing

      public Date getStartPublishing()
    • setStartPublishing

      public void setStartPublishing(Date startPublishing)
    • getStopPublishing

      public Date getStopPublishing()
    • setStopPublishing

      public void setStopPublishing(Date stopPublishing)
    • isPublishing

      public boolean isPublishing()
    • getTransactionId

      public String getTransactionId()
      Description copied from interface: TransactionalObject
      Gets the unique ID of the transaction
      Specified by:
      getTransactionId in interface TransactionalObject
      the identifier of the transaction
    • setTransactionId

      public void setTransactionId(String transactionId)
      Description copied from interface: TransactionalObject
      Sets the transaction's identifier
      Specified by:
      setTransactionId in interface TransactionalObject
      transactionId - the identifier of the transacrion
    • getTgs

      public String getTgs()
    • setTgs

      public void setTgs(String tgs)
    • getExtResId

      public String getExtResId()
    • setExtResId

      public void setExtResId(String extResId)
    • getDocRefType

      public String getDocRefType()
    • setDocRefType

      public void setDocRefType(String docRefType)
    • getPages

      public int getPages()
    • setPages

      public void setPages(int pages)
    • getStamped

      public int getStamped()
    • setStamped

      public void setStamped(int stamped)
    • getFormId

      public Long getFormId()
    • setFormId

      public void setFormId(Long formId)
    • getNature

      public int getNature()
    • setNature

      public void setNature(int nature)
    • getLockUser

      public String getLockUser()
    • setLockUser

      public void setLockUser(String lockUser)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class PersistentObject
    • getPassword

      public String getPassword()
    • setPassword

      public void setPassword(String password)
    • setDecodedPassword

      public void setDecodedPassword(String pwd) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException
      Sets the password and encode it
      pwd - The password in readable format
      NoSuchAlgorithmException - Cripting error
    • getDecodedPassword

      public String getDecodedPassword()
    • getDeleteUser

      public String getDeleteUser()
    • setDeleteUser

      public void setDeleteUser(String deleteUser)
    • isGranted

      public boolean isGranted(String myPassword)
      Checks if the document is accessible with the given password
      myPassword - the password to check
      true id the password is correct
    • isPasswordProtected

      public boolean isPasswordProtected()
    • getLinks

      public int getLinks()
    • setLinks

      public void setLinks(int links)
    • getOcrTemplateId

      public Long getOcrTemplateId()
    • setOcrTemplateId

      public void setOcrTemplateId(Long ocrTemplateId)
    • getOcrd

      public int getOcrd()
    • setOcrd

      public void setOcrd(int ocrd)
    • getBarcodeTemplateId

      public Long getBarcodeTemplateId()
    • setBarcodeTemplateId

      public void setBarcodeTemplateId(Long barcodeTemplateId)
    • getPreviewPages

      public int getPreviewPages()
    • setPreviewPages

      public void setPreviewPages(int previewPages)
    • getColor

      public String getColor()
    • setColor

      public void setColor(String color)
    • copyAttributes

      public void copyAttributes(AbstractDocument docVO)
      Copies in the current instance the attributes of the passed values object, but NOT the ID
      docVO - the document to get the attributes from
    • getDocAttrs

      public int getDocAttrs()
    • setDocAttrs

      public void setDocAttrs(int docAttrs)