Class LDAPContextSource

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    org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean, org.springframework.ldap.core.ContextSource,,

    public class LDAPContextSource
    Extend class responsible to store authentication informations. Secure authentication source that supports DIGEST-MD5.
    Attention: If you want to connect to Active Directory by using MD5, you need to use the 'reverse encryption' option for the users. In addition as username to connect you should use the logon('') and in the URL you need to use the domain name: ldap://
    Sebastian Wenzky
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      static LDAPContextSource get​(LDAPServer server)  
      String getUrl()  
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        afterPropertiesSet, getAuthenticationSource, getBaseLdapPath, getBaseLdapPathAsString, getContext, getContextFactory, getDirObjectFactory, getReadOnlyContext, getReadWriteContext, getUrls, isAnonymousReadOnly, isPooled, setAnonymousReadOnly, setAuthenticationSource, setAuthenticationStrategy, setBase, setBaseEnvironmentProperties, setCacheEnvironmentProperties, setContextFactory, setDirObjectFactory, setPassword, setPooled, setReferral, setUrl, setUrls, setUserDn