Class LDAPServer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class LDAPServer
    extends com.logicaldoc.core.PersistentObject
    Represents a remote LDAP authentication server
    Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LDAPServer

        public LDAPServer()
    • Method Detail

      • getEnabled

        public int getEnabled()
      • setEnabled

        public void setEnabled​(int enabled)
      • getUrl

        public String getUrl()
      • getUsername

        public String getUsername()
      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
      • getAnon

        public int getAnon()
      • getLanguage

        public String getLanguage()
      • getUserType

        public int getUserType()
      • getRealm

        public String getRealm()
      • getPageSize

        public Integer getPageSize()
      • getUserIdAttr

        public String getUserIdAttr()
      • getUserClass

        public String getUserClass()
      • getUserNodes

        public String getUserNodes()
      • getGroupIdAttr

        public String getGroupIdAttr()
      • getGroupClass

        public String getGroupClass()
      • getGroupNodes

        public String getGroupNodes()
      • setUrl

        public void setUrl​(String url)
      • setUsername

        public void setUsername​(String username)
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(String password)
      • setAnon

        public void setAnon​(int anon)
      • setLanguage

        public void setLanguage​(String language)
      • setUserType

        public void setUserType​(int userType)
      • setRealm

        public void setRealm​(String realm)
      • setPageSize

        public void setPageSize​(Integer pageSize)
      • setUserIdAttr

        public void setUserIdAttr​(String userIdAttr)
      • setUserClass

        public void setUserClass​(String userClass)
      • setUserNodes

        public void setUserNodes​(String userNodes)
      • setGroupIdAttr

        public void setGroupIdAttr​(String groupIdAttr)
      • setGroupClass

        public void setGroupClass​(String groupClass)
      • setGroupNodes

        public void setGroupNodes​(String groupNodes)
      • getUserIncludes

        public String getUserIncludes()
      • getUserExcludes

        public String getUserExcludes()
      • getGroupIncludes

        public String getGroupIncludes()
      • getGroupExcludes

        public String getGroupExcludes()
      • setUserIncludes

        public void setUserIncludes​(String userIncludes)
      • setUserExcludes

        public void setUserExcludes​(String userExcludes)
      • setGroupIncludes

        public void setGroupIncludes​(String groupIncludes)
      • setGroupExcludes

        public void setGroupExcludes​(String groupExcludes)
      • getLogonAttr

        public String getLogonAttr()
      • setLogonAttr

        public void setLogonAttr​(String logonAttr)
      • getPosition

        public int getPosition()
      • setPosition

        public void setPosition​(int position)
      • toString

        public String toString()
        toString in class com.logicaldoc.core.PersistentObject
      • getGroupBase

        public ArrayList<String> getGroupBase()
        List of CNs where groups can be stored. The group base list, each element separated by a semi-colon(;). Property 'ldap.groupBase'
        list of CNs
      • getUserBase

        public ArrayList<String> getUserBase()
        List of CNs where users can be stored. The user base list, each element separated by a semi-colon(;), property 'ldap.userBase'.
        list of CNs
      • getPasswordDecrypted

        public String getPasswordDecrypted()
      • setPasswordDecrypted

        public void setPasswordDecrypted​(String password)
      • decryptPassword

        public static String decryptPassword​(String password)
      • getSyncTtl

        public Integer getSyncTtl()
      • setSyncTtl

        public void setSyncTtl​(Integer syncTtl)
      • getKeepLocalMemberships

        public int getKeepLocalMemberships()
      • setKeepLocalMemberships

        public void setKeepLocalMemberships​(int keepLocalMemberships)
      • getValidation

        public String getValidation()
      • setValidation

        public void setValidation​(String validation)
      • getTimeout

        public int getTimeout()
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(int timeout)
      • getDefaultGroupsSet

        public Set<Long> getDefaultGroupsSet()
      • getDefaultGroups

        public String getDefaultGroups()
      • setDefaultGroupsSet

        public void setDefaultGroupsSet​(Set<Long> defaultGroups)
      • setDefaultGroups

        public void setDefaultGroups​(String defaultGroups)