Class WSUser


public class WSUser extends Object
Web Service User. Useful class to create repository Users.
Matteo Caruso - LogicalDOC
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • WSUser

      public WSUser()
  • Method Details

    • getId

      public long getId()
    • setId

      public void setId(long id)
    • getType

      public int getType()
    • setType

      public void setType(int type)
    • getUsername

      public String getUsername()
    • getPassword

      public String getPassword()
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getFullName

      public String getFullName()
    • getFirstName

      public String getFirstName()
    • getStreet

      public String getStreet()
    • getPostalcode

      public String getPostalcode()
    • getCity

      public String getCity()
    • getCountry

      public String getCountry()
    • getLanguage

      public String getLanguage()
    • getEmail

      public String getEmail()
    • getTelephone

      public String getTelephone()
    • setUsername

      public void setUsername(String uname)
    • setPassword

      public void setPassword(String passwd) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException
      Sets the password and encode it
      passwd - The password in readable format
      NoSuchAlgorithmException - Cripting error
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • setFirstName

      public void setFirstName(String firstName)
    • setStreet

      public void setStreet(String str)
    • setPostalcode

      public void setPostalcode(String pc)
    • setCity

      public void setCity(String ct)
    • setCountry

      public void setCountry(String cnt)
    • setLanguage

      public void setLanguage(String lang)
    • setEmail

      public void setEmail(String mail)
    • setTelephone

      public void setTelephone(String phone)
    • getGroupIds

      public List<Long> getGroupIds()
    • setGroupIds

      public void setGroupIds(List<Long> groupIds)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getUserGroupName

      public String getUserGroupName()
      the name of the group associated to this user, that is '_user_'+id
    • getEnabled

      public int getEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(int enabled)
    • getState

      public String getState()
    • setState

      public void setState(String state)
    • getTelephone2

      public String getTelephone2()
    • setTelephone2

      public void setTelephone2(String telephone2)
    • getPasswordChanged

      public String getPasswordChanged()
      when the password was modified
    • setPasswordChanged

      public void setPasswordChanged(String passwordChanged)
    • getPasswordExpires

      public int getPasswordExpires()
      if the password expires or not
    • setPasswordExpires

      public void setPasswordExpires(int passwordExpires)
    • getSource

      public int getSource()
      The source from which the user has been created
      the source
      See Also:
    • setSource

      public void setSource(int source)
    • getQuota

      public long getQuota()
    • setQuota

      public void setQuota(long quota)
    • getQuotaCount

      public long getQuotaCount()
    • setQuotaCount

      public void setQuotaCount(long quotaCount)
    • getLastModified

      public String getLastModified()
    • setLastModified

      public void setLastModified(String lastModified)
    • getDepartment

      public String getDepartment()
    • setDepartment

      public void setDepartment(String department)
    • getOrganizationalUnit

      public String getOrganizationalUnit()
    • setOrganizationalUnit

      public void setOrganizationalUnit(String organizationalUnit)
    • getBuilding

      public String getBuilding()
    • setBuilding

      public void setBuilding(String building)
    • toUser

      public User toUser()
    • fromUser

      public static WSUser fromUser(User user)
    • getPasswordmd4

      public String getPasswordmd4()
    • setPasswordmd4

      public void setPasswordmd4(String passwordmd4)
    • getEmailSignature

      public String getEmailSignature()
    • setEmailSignature

      public void setEmailSignature(String emailSignature)
    • getEmail2

      public String getEmail2()
    • setEmail2

      public void setEmail2(String email2)
    • getEmailSignature2

      public String getEmailSignature2()
    • setEmailSignature2

      public void setEmailSignature2(String emailSignature2)
    • getDateFormat

      public String getDateFormat()
    • setDateFormat

      public void setDateFormat(String dateFormat)
    • getDateFormatShort

      public String getDateFormatShort()
    • setDateFormatShort

      public void setDateFormatShort(String dateFormatShort)
    • getDateFormatLong

      public String getDateFormatLong()
    • setDateFormatLong

      public void setDateFormatLong(String dateFormatLong)
    • getSearchPref

      public String getSearchPref()
    • setSearchPref

      public void setSearchPref(String searchPref)
    • getExpire

      public String getExpire()
    • setExpire

      public void setExpire(String expire)
    • getEnforceWorkingTime

      public int getEnforceWorkingTime()
    • setEnforceWorkingTime

      public void setEnforceWorkingTime(int enforceWorkingTime)
    • getWorkingTimes

      public List<WSWorkingTime> getWorkingTimes()
    • setWorkingTimes

      public void setWorkingTimes(List<WSWorkingTime> workingTimes)
    • getMaxInactivity

      public Integer getMaxInactivity()
    • setMaxInactivity

      public void setMaxInactivity(Integer maxInactivity)
    • getTimeZone

      public String getTimeZone()
    • setTimeZone

      public void setTimeZone(String timeZone)
    • getSecondFactor

      public String getSecondFactor()
    • setSecondFactor

      public void setSecondFactor(String secondFactor)
    • getKey

      public String getKey()
    • setKey

      public void setKey(String key)
    • getDecodedPassword

      public String getDecodedPassword()
    • setDecodedPassword

      public void setDecodedPassword(String decodedPassword)
    • getLastLogin

      public String getLastLogin()
    • setLastLogin

      public void setLastLogin(String lastLogin)
    • getCreation

      public String getCreation()
    • setCreation

      public void setCreation(String creation)
    • getCompany

      public String getCompany()
    • setCompany

      public void setCompany(String company)
    • getEvalFormEnabled

      public int getEvalFormEnabled()
    • setEvalFormEnabled

      public void setEvalFormEnabled(int evalFormEnabled)