Class Stamp

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class Stamp
    extends com.logicaldoc.core.metadata.ExtensibleObject
    A Stamp to be applied on the document.
    Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • Stamp

        public Stamp()
      • Stamp

        public Stamp​(Stamp source)
    • Method Detail

      • getFont

        public String getFont()
      • setFont

        public void setFont​(String font)
      • getType

        public int getType()
      • setType

        public void setType​(int type)
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(String description)
      • getOpacity

        public int getOpacity()
      • setOpacity

        public void setOpacity​(int opacity)
      • getRotation

        public int getRotation()
      • setRotation

        public void setRotation​(int rotation)
      • getExprX

        public String getExprX()
      • setExprX

        public void setExprX​(String exprX)
      • getExprY

        public String getExprY()
      • setExprY

        public void setExprY​(String exprY)
      • getUsers

        public Set<> getUsers()
      • setUsers

        public void setUsers​(Set<> users)
      • getText

        public String getText()
      • setText

        public void setText​(String text)
      • getEnabled

        public int getEnabled()
      • setEnabled

        public void setEnabled​(int enabled)
      • getColor

        public String getColor()
      • setColor

        public void setColor​(String color)
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
      • setSize

        public void setSize​(int size)
      • getPageOption

        public int getPageOption()
      • setPageOption

        public void setPageOption​(int pageOption)
      • getPageSelection

        public String getPageSelection()
      • setPageSelection

        public void setPageSelection​(String pageSelection)
      • getImageWidth

        public int getImageWidth()
      • setImageWidth

        public void setImageWidth​(int imageWidth)
      • getImageHeight

        public int getImageHeight()
      • setImageHeight

        public void setImageHeight​(int imageHeight)
      • getBarcodeLabel

        public int getBarcodeLabel()
      • setBarcodeLabel

        public void setBarcodeLabel​(int barcodeLabel)
      • getBarcodeFormat

        public String getBarcodeFormat()
      • setBarcodeFormat

        public void setBarcodeFormat​(String barcodeFormat)
      • getExprW

        public String getExprW()
      • getExprH

        public String getExprH()
      • setExprW

        public void setExprW​(String exprW)
      • setExprH

        public void setExprH​(String exprH)
      • getAspectRatio

        public double getAspectRatio()
      • getImage

        public String getImage()
      • setImage

        public void setImage​(String image)
      • setParameters

        public void setParameters​(Map<String,​Object> parameters)