Package com.logicaldoc.impex.application

package com.logicaldoc.impex.application
  • Classes
    Application used to validate an archive created by LogicalDOC.
    Panel used to browse an archive.
    Simple interface that contains all the constants used in the Search Panel implementation.
    Singleton for in-memory database access.
    This class extends the IndexHandler class to insert the rows values into the version database table from the index file values.
    This panel visualises the informations of an archive's document.
    Table Model for the archive's documents table in the browse page of the application.
    This class represents the object inside a list of selectable fields.
    This panel is used to nofity the user that more documents can be visualised on the browse panel.
    This panel represents a single line of the SearchPanel.
    Panel used to search documents in an archive.
    Class with some useful methods.