Class SearchLine

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

public class SearchLine extends JPanel
This panel represents a single line of the SearchPanel.
Matteo Caruso - LogicalDOC
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    • checkType

      public void checkType(Criterion criterion)
      This criterion sets the criterion type to TYPE_SIGNED if the selected field is 'signed'. This because the Criterion class doesn't have the signed field.
      criterion - the criterion to check
    • updateSearchOption

      public void updateSearchOption()
      This method updates the combobox or the text field of the Search Line.
    • getCriterion

      public Criterion getCriterion()
    • getFieldComboBox

      public JComboBox getFieldComboBox()
    • setFieldComboBox

      public void setFieldComboBox(JComboBox fieldComboBox)
    • getCompositionComboBox

      public JComboBox getCompositionComboBox()
    • getOperatorComboBox

      public JComboBox getOperatorComboBox()
    • getValueComboBox

      public JComboBox getValueComboBox()
    • getValueTextField

      public JTextField getValueTextField()
    • setCompositionComboBox

      public void setCompositionComboBox(JComboBox compositionComboBox)
    • setOperatorComboBox

      public void setOperatorComboBox(JComboBox operatorComboBox)
    • setValueComboBox

      public void setValueComboBox(JComboBox valueComboBox)
    • setValueTextField

      public void setValueTextField(JTextField valueTextField)