Package com.logicaldoc.enterprise.cluster

package com.logicaldoc.enterprise.cluster
  • Class
    Factory class to manage all the cluster's communication channels.
    Here we introduced a variables lookup in the LogicalDOC configuration file
    This servlet is responsible for folder templates data.
    Standard XML Configurators that makes use of our ChannelProtocolConfigurator to lookup variables from our LogicalDOC configuration file.
    Object representation of a Cluster of LogicalDOC instances
    A cluster-aware search engine.
    Implementation of the ClusterService
    Informations about a single node of the cluster
    Payload bean for cluster messages.
    Implementations of this interface will handle new incoming messages from other notes of the cluster.
    This servlet is responsible for properties data.
    Extension of the standard ContextProperties able to give a scope(local or shared) to the config parameters.
    Not really a piece of the cluster machinery but a servlet needed to support load balancers.