Class ChannelFactory

  • public class ChannelFactory
    extends Object
    Factory class to manage all the cluster's communication channels. Every channel is binded to an application's region.
    Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChannelFactory

        public ChannelFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getChannel

        public static org.jgroups.JChannel getChannel​(String appRegion)
        Creates a channel for the cluster. This method should not be heavily used as the checks and synchronizations will slow the calls. Returned channels can be kept and will be modified directly using the factory-held references, if necessary.

        The application region is used to determine the protocol configuration to apply.

        This method returns a dummy channel if no cluster name has been provided.

        appRegion - the application region identifier.
        Returns a channel
      • getRegions

        public Set<String> getRegions()
      • setConfig

        public void setConfig​(com.logicaldoc.util.config.ContextProperties config)