Class WSAccessControlEntry


public class WSAccessControlEntry extends Object
Useful class to associate a user or a group to a permission representation.
Matteo Caruso - LogicalDOC
  • Constructor Details

    • WSAccessControlEntry

      public WSAccessControlEntry()
  • Method Details

    • getGroupId

      public long getGroupId()
    • setGroupId

      public void setGroupId(long groupId)
    • getRead

      public int getRead()
    • setRead

      public void setRead(int read)
    • getWrite

      public int getWrite()
    • setWrite

      public void setWrite(int write)
    • getDownload

      public int getDownload()
    • setDownload

      public void setDownload(int download)
    • getAdd

      public int getAdd()
    • setAdd

      public void setAdd(int add)
    • getSecurity

      public int getSecurity()
    • setSecurity

      public void setSecurity(int security)
    • getDelete

      public int getDelete()
    • setDelete

      public void setDelete(int delete)
    • getRename

      public int getRename()
    • setRename

      public void setRename(int rename)
    • getImmutable

      public int getImmutable()
    • setImmutable

      public void setImmutable(int immutable)
    • getIimport

      public int getIimport()
    • setIimport

      public void setIimport(int iimport)
    • getExport

      public int getExport()
    • setExport

      public void setExport(int export)
    • getSign

      public int getSign()
    • setSign

      public void setSign(int sign)
    • getArchive

      public int getArchive()
    • setArchive

      public void setArchive(int archive)
    • getWorkflow

      public int getWorkflow()
    • setWorkflow

      public void setWorkflow(int workflow)
    • getCalendar

      public int getCalendar()
    • setCalendar

      public void setCalendar(int calendar)
    • getSubscription

      public int getSubscription()
    • setSubscription

      public void setSubscription(int subscription)
    • getPassword

      public int getPassword()
    • setPassword

      public void setPassword(int password)
    • getPrint

      public int getPrint()
    • setPrint

      public void setPrint(int print)
    • getMove

      public int getMove()
    • setMove

      public void setMove(int move)
    • getEmail

      public int getEmail()
    • setEmail

      public void setEmail(int email)
    • getAutomation

      public int getAutomation()
    • setAutomation

      public void setAutomation(int automation)
    • getStorage

      public int getStorage()
    • setStorage

      public void setStorage(int storage)
    • getReadingreq

      public int getReadingreq()
    • setReadingreq

      public void setReadingreq(int readingreq)
    • getUserId

      public long getUserId()
    • setUserId

      public void setUserId(long userId)
    • getPreview

      public int getPreview()
    • setPreview

      public void setPreview(int preview)