Interface Resource

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public interface Resource
Main-Class that contains all information about one particular resource within logicalDOC. Important attributes are ID, Name, RequestedPerson ID identifies a resource against logicalDOC.
Name Is the Title of a given resource that appears on the client site as "file name"
RequestedPerson shows the user that wants to do something with this resource. Therefore the passed ID corresponds with the userid within logicalDOC. Secure handlings will be managed through this.
Sebastian Wenzky
  • Method Details

    • setID

      void setID(String id)
    • getID

      String getID()
    • getContentLength

      Long getContentLength()
    • getName

      String getName()
    • setContentLength

      void setContentLength(Long contentLength)
    • setName

      void setName(String name)
    • isFolder

      boolean isFolder()
    • isWorkspace

      boolean isWorkspace()
    • isLocked

      boolean isLocked()
    • isDeleteEnabled

      boolean isDeleteEnabled()
    • isRenameEnabled

      boolean isRenameEnabled()
    • isDownloadEnabled

      boolean isDownloadEnabled()
    • isWriteEnabled

      boolean isWriteEnabled()
    • isMoveEnabled

      boolean isMoveEnabled()
    • isAddChildEnabled

      boolean isAddChildEnabled()
    • setDeleteEnabled

      void setDeleteEnabled(boolean deleteEnabled)
    • setDownloadEnabled

      void setDownloadEnabled(boolean downloadEnabled)
    • setRenameEnabled

      void setRenameEnabled(boolean renameEnabled)
    • setWriteEnabled

      void setWriteEnabled(boolean writeEnabled)
    • setAddChildEnabled

      void setAddChildEnabled(boolean renameEnabled)
    • setLocked

      void setLocked(boolean locked)
    • isFolder

      void isFolder(boolean isFolder)
    • isWorkspace

      void isWorkspace(boolean isWorkspace)
    • setInputStream

      void setInputStream(InputStream is)
    • getInputStream

      InputStream getInputStream()
    • setRequestedPerson

      void setRequestedPerson(long id)
    • getRequestedPerson

      long getRequestedPerson()
    • isCheckedOut

      boolean isCheckedOut()
    • setCheckedOut

      void setCheckedOut(boolean checkedOut)
    • setVersionLabel

      void setVersionLabel(String versionLabel)
    • getVersionLabel

      String getVersionLabel()
    • getLastModified

      Date getLastModified()
    • setLastModified

      void setLastModified(Date lastModified)
    • setVersionDate

      void setVersionDate(Date date)
    • getVersionDate

      Date getVersionDate()
    • getAuthor

      String getAuthor()
    • setAuthor

      void setAuthor(String author)
    • getComment

      String getComment()
    • setComment

      void setComment(String comment)
    • setCreationDate

      void setCreationDate(Date creation)
    • getCreationDate

      Date getCreationDate()
    • getSession

      WebdavSession getSession()
    • setSession

      void setSession(WebdavSession session)
    • getDocRef

      Long getDocRef()
    • setDocRef

      void setDocRef(Long docRef)
    • setFolderID

      void setFolderID(String folderID)
    • getFolderID

      String getFolderID()
    • getLockUser

      String getLockUser()
    • setLockUser

      void setLockUser(String lockUser)
    • setETag

      void setETag(String string)
    • getETag

      String getETag()