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@RemoteServiceRelativePath("login") public interface LoginService extends
The client side stub for the Login Service. This service gives all needed methods to handle the login operations.
  • Method Details

    • changePassword

      GUIValue changePassword(long userId, String oldPassword, String newPassword)
      Changes the password of a user
      userId - The user Identifier
      oldPassword - can be null or is the old password
      newPassword - the new password
      the error code and message. 0 if all went ok, 1 if the password is incorrect, 2 if the new password cannot be notified, 3 if the password has been already used, otherwise a positive number grater than 3
    • resetPassword

      void resetPassword(String username, String emailAddress, String productName) throws ServerException
      Reset the password for the given email.
      username - the username for which reset password
      emailAddress - the email for which reset password
      productName - the application product name
      ServerException - error in the server application
    • isSecretKeyRequired

      boolean isSecretKeyRequired(String username, String deviceId) throws ServerException
      Check if a secret key must be provided by the user
      username - the username trying to login
      deviceId - identifier of the current device
      True only if the user must provide the secret key
      ServerException - if the user is unexisting or any kind of server error
    • getUser

      GUIUser getUser(String username)
    • generatePassword

      String generatePassword(String username)
      Generates a password using the configured policies.
      username - the current user
      the generated password