Class GUIDocument

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public class GUIDocument extends GUIExtensibleObject implements Serializable
Representation of a single document handled by the GUI
Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
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  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • GUIDocument

      public GUIDocument()
  • Method Details

    • getCustomId

      public String getCustomId()
    • setCustomId

      public void setCustomId(String customId)
    • getType

      public String getType()
    • setType

      public void setType(String type)
    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(String version)
    • getTags

      public List<String> getTags()
    • setTags

      public void setTags(List<String> tags)
    • clearTags

      public void clearTags()
    • addTag

      public void addTag(String tag)
    • removeTag

      public void removeTag(String tag)
    • getTgs

      public String getTgs()
    • getTagsString

      public String getTagsString()
    • getCreator

      public String getCreator()
    • setCreator

      public void setCreator(String creator)
    • getDate

      public Date getDate()
    • setDate

      public void setDate(Date date)
    • getPublisher

      public String getPublisher()
    • setPublisher

      public void setPublisher(String publisher)
    • getCreation

      public Date getCreation()
    • setCreation

      public void setCreation(Date creation)
    • getFileVersion

      public String getFileVersion()
    • setFileVersion

      public void setFileVersion(String fileVersion)
    • getFileName

      public String getFileName()
    • setFileName

      public void setFileName(String fileName)
    • getLanguage

      public String getLanguage()
    • setLanguage

      public void setLanguage(String language)
    • getFileSize

      public long getFileSize()
    • setFileSize

      public void setFileSize(long fileSize)
    • getLastModified

      public Date getLastModified()
    • setLastModified

      public void setLastModified(Date lastModified)
    • getIcon

      public String getIcon()
    • setIcon

      public void setIcon(String icon)
    • getLockUserId

      public Long getLockUserId()
    • setLockUserId

      public void setLockUserId(Long lockUserId)
    • getStatus

      public int getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(int status)
    • getFolder

      public GUIFolder getFolder()
    • setFolder

      public void setFolder(GUIFolder folder)
    • getImmutable

      public int getImmutable()
    • setImmutable

      public void setImmutable(int immutable)
    • getPathExtended

      public String getPathExtended()
    • setPathExtended

      public void setPathExtended(String pathExtended)
    • getRating

      public int getRating()
    • setRating

      public void setRating(int rating)
    • getComment

      public String getComment()
    • setComment

      public void setComment(String comment)
    • getWorkflowStatus

      public String getWorkflowStatus()
    • setWorkflowStatus

      public void setWorkflowStatus(String workflowStatus)
    • getWorkflowStatusDisplay

      public String getWorkflowStatusDisplay()
    • setWorkflowStatusDisplay

      public void setWorkflowStatusDisplay(String workflowStatusDisplay)
    • getPublished

      public int getPublished()
    • setPublished

      public void setPublished(int published)
    • getStartPublishing

      public Date getStartPublishing()
    • setStartPublishing

      public void setStartPublishing(Date startPublishing)
    • getStopPublishing

      public Date getStopPublishing()
    • setStopPublishing

      public void setStopPublishing(Date stopPublishing)
    • getBarcoded

      public int getBarcoded()
    • setBarcoded

      public void setBarcoded(int barcoded)
    • getSummary

      public String getSummary()
    • setSummary

      public void setSummary(String summary)
    • getScore

      public int getScore()
    • setScore

      public void setScore(int score)
    • getIndexed

      public int getIndexed()
    • setIndexed

      public void setIndexed(int indexed)
    • getSigned

      public int getSigned()
    • setSigned

      public void setSigned(int signed)
    • getDocRef

      public Long getDocRef()
    • setDocRef

      public void setDocRef(Long docRef)
    • getExtResId

      public String getExtResId()
    • setExtResId

      public void setExtResId(String extResId)
    • getDocRefType

      public String getDocRefType()
    • setDocRefType

      public void setDocRefType(String docRefType)
    • getPages

      public int getPages()
    • setPages

      public void setPages(int pages)
    • setTagsString

      public void setTagsString(String tagsString)
    • getStamped

      public int getStamped()
    • setStamped

      public void setStamped(int stamped)
    • getNature

      public int getNature()
    • setNature

      public void setNature(int nature)
    • getFormId

      public Long getFormId()
    • setFormId

      public void setFormId(Long formId)
    • getLockUser

      public String getLockUser()
    • setLockUser

      public void setLockUser(String lockUser)
    • getNotifyUsers

      public List<Long> getNotifyUsers()
    • setNotifyUsers

      public void setNotifyUsers(List<Long> notifyUsers)
    • getNotifyMessage

      public String getNotifyMessage()
    • setNotifyMessage

      public void setNotifyMessage(String notifyMessage)
    • isPasswordProtected

      public boolean isPasswordProtected()
    • setPasswordProtected

      public void setPasswordProtected(boolean passwordProtected)
    • isBookmarked

      public boolean isBookmarked()
    • setBookmarked

      public void setBookmarked(boolean bookmarked)
    • getLinks

      public int getLinks()
    • setLinks

      public void setLinks(int links)
    • getOcrTemplateId

      public Long getOcrTemplateId()
    • setOcrTemplateId

      public void setOcrTemplateId(Long ocrTemplateId)
    • getOcrd

      public int getOcrd()
    • setOcrd

      public void setOcrd(int ocrd)
    • getBarcodeTemplateId

      public Long getBarcodeTemplateId()
    • setBarcodeTemplateId

      public void setBarcodeTemplateId(Long barcodeTemplateId)
    • getCreatorId

      public Long getCreatorId()
    • setCreatorId

      public void setCreatorId(Long creatorId)
    • getPublisherId

      public Long getPublisherId()
    • setPublisherId

      public void setPublisherId(Long publisherId)
    • getPreviewPages

      public int getPreviewPages()
    • setPreviewPages

      public void setPreviewPages(int previewPages)
    • getColor

      public String getColor()
    • setColor

      public void setColor(String color)
    • isBulkUpdate

      public boolean isBulkUpdate()
    • setBulkUpdate

      public void setBulkUpdate(boolean bulkUpdate)
    • getTenantId

      public long getTenantId()
    • setTenantId

      public void setTenantId(long tenantId)
    • getDocAttrs

      public int getDocAttrs()
    • setDocAttrs

      public void setDocAttrs(int docAttrs)
    • getAllowedPermissions

      public GUIAccessControlEntry getAllowedPermissions()
    • setAllowedPermissions

      public void setAllowedPermissions(GUIAccessControlEntry permissions)
    • isRead

      public boolean isRead()
    • isWrite

      public boolean isWrite()
    • isPreview

      public boolean isPreview()
    • isDownload

      public boolean isDownload()
    • isMove

      public boolean isMove()
    • isDelete

      public boolean isDelete()
    • isRename

      public boolean isRename()
    • hasPermission

      public boolean hasPermission(String permission)
    • getAccessControlList

      public List<GUIAccessControlEntry> getAccessControlList()
    • setAccessControlList

      public void setAccessControlList(List<GUIAccessControlEntry> accessControlList)