Class ParserFactory


public class ParserFactory extends Object
This is a factory, returning a parser instance for the given file.
Michael Scholz
  • Method Details

    • init

      public static void init()
      Registers all parsers from extension points
    • parse

      public static String parse(InputStream input, String filename, String encoding, Locale locale, long tenantId, Document document, String fileVersion) throws ParseException
      Gets the proper parser and parse the given content
      input - the input contents as stream
      filename - name of the file
      encoding - encoding of the stream
      locale - the locale
      tenantId - identifier of the tenant
      document - the document the file belongs to (optional)
      fileVersion - the file version being processed (optional)
      the text extracted from the input
      ParseException - error in the parsing
    • getParser

      public static Parser getParser(String filename)
      Method containing the lookup logic
      filename - name of the file
      the right parser for the given file name
    • getExtensions

      public static Set<String> getExtensions()
    • getParsers

      public static Map<String,Parser> getParsers()
    • setAliases

      public static void setAliases(String ext, String[] aliases)
      Adds new aliases for the specified extension.

      Each alias is saved as property parser.alias.<ext>
      example: parser.alias.odt = test, acme
      In this case an extension 'test' will be treated as 'odt'

      ext - Must be one of the registered extensions
      aliases - Array of extension aliases (eg. test, acme ...)