Class DOCParser

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public class DOCParser extends RTFParser
Parses a MS Word (*.doc, *.dot) file to extract the text contained in the file. This class uses the external library HWPF provided by the Apache Jakarta POI project. Even though this library provides features to extract the document author and version, we do not use those features, because the library is known to be buggy. The important part is to get the text content, not extracting the author, date, etc. is not essential.
Michael Scholz, Sebastian Stein, Alessandro Gasparini - LogicalDOC
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    • DOCParser

      public DOCParser()
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    • parse

      public String parse(InputStream input, ParseParameters parameterObject)
      Description copied from interface: Parser
      Extracts content for the text content of the given binary document. The content type and character encoding (if available and applicable) are given as arguments.

      The implementation can choose either to read and parse the given document immediately or to return a reader that does it incrementally. The only constraint is that the implementation must close the given stream latest when the returned reader is closed. The caller on the other hand is responsible for closing the returned reader.

      The implementation should only throw an exception on transient errors, i.e. when it can expect to be able to successfully extract the text content of the same binary at another time. An effort should be made to recover from syntax errors and other similar problems.

      This method should be thread-safe, i.e. it is possible that this method is invoked simultaneously by different threads to extract the text content of different documents. On the other hand the returned reader does not need to be thread-safe.

      The parsing has to be completed before the seconds specified in the parser.timeout config. property.

      Specified by:
      parse in interface Parser
      parse in class AbstractParser
      input - binary content from which to extract the text
      parameterObject - the parameters
      the extracted text
    • countPages

      public int countPages(InputStream input, String filename)
      Description copied from interface: Parser
      Counts the number of pages of the given binary document.
      Specified by:
      countPages in interface Parser
      countPages in class RTFParser
      input - binary content from which to extract the text
      filename - name of the file
      the number of pages