Class EMail

    • Constructor Detail

      • EMail

        public EMail()
    • Method Detail

      • getEmailId

        public String getEmailId()
      • setEmailId

        public void setEmailId​(String emailId)
      • getAccountId

        public long getAccountId()
      • setAccountId

        public void setAccountId​(long accountId)
      • getAuthorAddress

        public String getAuthorAddress()
      • getUsername

        public String getUsername()
      • setAuthorAddress

        public void setAuthorAddress​(String address)
      • setUsername

        public void setUsername​(String username)
      • addRecipient

        public void addRecipient​(Recipient rec)
      • getFolder

        public String getFolder()
      • setFolder

        public void setFolder​(String string)
      • addAttachment

        public void addAttachment​(int partId,
                                  EMailAttachment attachment)
      • addAttachment

        public void addAttachment​(EMailAttachment attachment)
      • getAddresses

        public javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress[] getAddresses()
      • getAddressesCC

        public javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress[] getAddressesCC()
      • getAddressesBCC

        public javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress[] getAddressesBCC()
      • getAttachmentsCount

        public int getAttachmentsCount()
      • parseRecipients

        public void parseRecipients​(String str)
      • parseRecipientsCC

        public void parseRecipientsCC​(String str)
      • parseRecipientsBCC

        public void parseRecipientsBCC​(String str)
      • parseReplyTo

        public void parseReplyTo​(String str)
      • setRecipientsCC

        public void setRecipientsCC​(Set<Recipient> recipientsCC)
      • getRecipientsBCC

        public Set<Recipient> getRecipientsBCC()
      • setRecipientsBCC

        public void setRecipientsBCC​(Set<Recipient> recipientsBCC)
      • setReplyTo

        public void setReplyTo​(Set<Recipient> replyTo)
      • isHtml

        public boolean isHtml()
      • setImages

        public void setImages​(Set<String> images)
      • setAttachmentsCount

        public void setAttachmentsCount​(int attachmentCount)
      • setFrom

        public void setFrom​(Recipient from)
      • isSigned

        public boolean isSigned()
      • getSigned

        public int getSigned()
      • setSigned

        public void setSigned​(int signed)
      • isSkip

        public boolean isSkip()
      • setSkip

        public void setSkip​(boolean skip)
      • getTargetFolder

        public Folder getTargetFolder()
      • setTargetFolder

        public void setTargetFolder​(Folder targetFolder)
      • getAllRecipientsEmails

        public Set<String> getAllRecipientsEmails()
        Retrieves the set of all the recipients of the message, does not matter if they are direct recipient or CC or BCC
        the email addresses that will receive the message
      • isHistoricyze

        public boolean isHistoricyze()
      • setHistoricyze

        public void setHistoricyze​(boolean historicyze)