LogicalDOC is an enterprise electronic document management system, which, due to its characteristics, can be used by large companies as well as by the small ones, as a useful tool in knowledge management processing, providing a more flexible and lower-cost alternative to other proprietary applications.

The use of knowledge management systems by a company helps it to manage intelligence on the resources available to the company, more efficiently. This leads to a medium-term increase in productivity. Using these systems, the information, as well as the knowledge generated within the organization, can be universally accessed.

Using LogicalDOC to manage documents at your company, will be easy. One of our major goals is the usability case study. LogicalDOC is a document management application with a web user interface that allows the following operations to be carried out: sharing, setting security roles, auditing and finding enterprise documents and registers. With LogicalDOC users can easily collaborate and communicate.


User's Guide

LogicalDOC is a fully web-based application for archiving documents. Once it is installed and connected to the Internet or your private network, you can use the program simply using
a browser without having to install additional software.

This manual is dedicated to all final users that access the system for their document management needs. Please enter this section if you want to learn all the LogicalDOC features.


Installation Guide

LogicalDOC allows to centralize all company's information in a single access point, guarantying the security of the data. In this way, only authorized users can have access to specific data. At the same time, it provides a complete audit service. LogicalDOC is a Web 2.0 application that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. In addition, periodic backups avoid information losses.

However, one of the most relevant functions to mention is the indexing of the most common types of files: text, Office, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML, XML, JPEG, etc. Its powerful search engine indexes all documents making it easy to find any information.


Administrator's Guide

LogicalDOC is an advanced system, that allow you to handle huge amount of data. Once installed, you will need to properly configure  and fine tune it in order to get the maximum from your installation.

This manual is dedicated to the administrators and power users that configure and tune the system according to the needs of the whole organization. Please enter this section if you want to learn how to configure the LogicalDOC system.