Package com.logicaldoc.parser

package com.logicaldoc.parser
  • Classes
    This parser reads Autocad DXF files (supported versions are from r12 to 2007).
    Extracts the texts from ebooks in the format azw, azw3 and mobi
    Parses Mozilla .eml files
    Extension of standard PDF parser that also uses OCR to read embedded raster images.
    This parser reads images (supported formats are: jpg, jfif, bmp, jpeg, wbmp, png, gif) and extracts text using OCR.
    Text extractor for Microsoft Outlook messages.
    Utility class for OCR interaction.
    This parser is able to extract text from Office documents
    Parses the signed files .p7m
    Provides some initializations needed by parsers
    Parses the outlook .pst files