Class ArchiveBuilder

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    public class ArchiveBuilder
    extends com.logicaldoc.core.task.Task
    This component builds the closed archives.
    Matteo Caruso - LogicalDOC
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArchiveBuilder

        public ArchiveBuilder()
    • Method Detail

      • setArchiveManager

        public void setArchiveManager​(ArchiveManager archiveManager)
      • getArchiveDao

        public ArchiveDAO getArchiveDao()
      • setArchiveDao

        public void setArchiveDao​(ArchiveDAO archiveDao)
      • getFolderDao

        public com.logicaldoc.core.folder.FolderDAO getFolderDao()
      • setFolderDao

        public void setFolderDao​(com.logicaldoc.core.folder.FolderDAO folderDao)
      • isIndeterminate

        public boolean isIndeterminate()
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        isIndeterminate in class com.logicaldoc.core.task.Task
      • isConcurrent

        public boolean isConcurrent()
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        isConcurrent in class com.logicaldoc.core.task.Task
      • buildArchives

        public void buildArchives()
        Launches the build of all closed archives and unlocks the documents. If the archive is a 'default' type, sets the status to 'finalized' and sends a system message and an email to the archive closer. If the archive is a 'storage' type, set the status to 'readytosign' and sends a system message and an email to the archive closer.
      • getDefaultOwner

        public String getDefaultOwner()
      • setDefaultOwner

        public void setDefaultOwner​(String defaultOwner)
      • setDocumentDao

        public void setDocumentDao​(com.logicaldoc.core.document.dao.DocumentDAO documentDao)
      • setStorer

        public void setStorer​( storer)
      • setMessageTemplateDao

        public void setMessageTemplateDao​(com.logicaldoc.core.communication.MessageTemplateDAO messageTemplateDao)