Class FolderGroup

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class FolderGroup
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    This class represents security permissions for a group in relation to a folder
    Marco Meschieri - LogicalDOC
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • FolderGroup

        public FolderGroup​(long groupId)
      • FolderGroup

        public FolderGroup()
      • FolderGroup

        public FolderGroup​(FolderGroup source)
    • Method Detail

      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getPermissions

        public int getPermissions()
        Parsing each permission and creates the integer representation
        Permissions settings as integer representation.
      • setPermissions

        public void setPermissions​(int permissions)
        Set each permission evaluating the given integer representation.
        permissions - mask(the last slot is for the 'read' permission and it is not evaluated)
      • getRead

        public int getRead()
      • setRead

        public void setRead​(int read)
      • getWrite

        public int getWrite()
      • setWrite

        public void setWrite​(int write)
      • getAdd

        public int getAdd()
      • setAdd

        public void setAdd​(int add)
      • getSecurity

        public int getSecurity()
      • setSecurity

        public void setSecurity​(int security)
      • getDelete

        public int getDelete()
      • setDelete

        public void setDelete​(int delete)
      • getRename

        public int getRename()
      • setRename

        public void setRename​(int rename)
      • getImport

        public int getImport()
      • setImport

        public void setImport​(int _import)
      • getExport

        public int getExport()
      • setExport

        public void setExport​(int export)
      • getSign

        public int getSign()
      • setSign

        public void setSign​(int sign)
      • getArchive

        public int getArchive()
      • setArchive

        public void setArchive​(int archive)
      • getWorkflow

        public int getWorkflow()
      • setWorkflow

        public void setWorkflow​(int workflow)
      • getGroupId

        public long getGroupId()
      • setGroupId

        public void setGroupId​(long groupId)
      • getImmutable

        public int getImmutable()
      • setImmutable

        public void setImmutable​(int immutable)
      • getDownload

        public int getDownload()
      • setDownload

        public void setDownload​(int download)
      • getCalendar

        public int getCalendar()
      • setCalendar

        public void setCalendar​(int calendar)
      • getSubscription

        public int getSubscription()
      • setSubscription

        public void setSubscription​(int subscription)
      • getPrint

        public int getPrint()
      • setPrint

        public void setPrint​(int print)
      • getPassword

        public int getPassword()
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(int password)
      • getEmail

        public int getEmail()
      • setEmail

        public void setEmail​(int email)
      • getMove

        public int getMove()
      • setMove

        public void setMove​(int move)
      • getAutomation

        public int getAutomation()
      • setAutomation

        public void setAutomation​(int automation)
      • getStorage

        public int getStorage()
      • setStorage

        public void setStorage​(int storage)