Limitations of installing in QNAP

Before installing inside QNAP you must be aware of a set of limitations that are imposed by this class of devices.

CPU requirements

LogicalDOC requires a good CPU to handle concurrent sessions and above all the indexation tasks, so you must choose a device with a CPU designed for a professional server like the Xeon.

Do not go with devices based on Celeron, Pentium, Atom or Core i3/i5 processors.

Memory requirements

In order to work acceptably you should install at least 8 GB of RAM.

Suggested devices

We suggest to install LogicalDOC into an enterprise-class device under category Enterprise NAS, at time of writing a good entry point is the model TS-983XU.

Not supported devices

We do not support personal and/or small business devices under categories Home NAS or SMB NAS (TS-2xx, TS-4xx, TS-6xx, TVS-xxx ...)

Documents preview generation

Inside the NAS LibreOffice cannot be installed so the preview of your non-pdf documents cannot be generated locally and you have to connect an external conversion system like ZamZar, see how to configure an external format converter.