Install on macOS

Not ready for production

Support for macOS is experimental. The installation of LogicalDOC in macOS is good to do tests but we strongly discourage the usage of macOS for a production system.

Installation with Docker

Instead of doing a traditional software installation, we suggest you to use Docker. This approach is a new way to install complex softwares in your system and the procedure is easier and quicker than installing the LogicalDOC application and all it's dependencies in your macOS.

Click here to Install LogicalDOC with Docker

Traditional Installation

On macOS you need to install and execute LogicalDOC as root user(command sudo su), make sure to log-in as root before continuing, since this guide assumes you perform all the operations as root.

To install in Macintosh please follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Database
  2. Install third-party Software
  3. Install the LogicalDOC application

Make sure to log-in as root

This guide assumes you are performing the installation by using the user root

To make sure to log-in as root before continuing, please execute the command sudo su from a terminal