Prepare for Clustering

To setup the clustering you need a set of nodes in the same subnet.

The instances in the clustering will have to be connected to a single database server and a single shared file system.

The shared file system is composed by the following elements:

  • Documents repositories (parameters strore.X)
  • Users directory (parameter userdir)
  • Plugins directory (parameter plugindir)
  • Import directory (parameter importdir)
  • Export directory (parameter exportdir)

You can implement the shared file system in a dedicated NAS or File Server.

The Database could be a dedicated node and you will have to connect all the LogicalDOC instances to this one.

A quick way to build up a cluster is to start from the installation of a single local instance. In this case it will be sufficient to:

  • Install a standard LogicalDOC in a node of the cluster
  • Enter the administration and configure the shared filesystem paths ([Administration->Settings->Repositories])